Other Success Stories

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Project: Enterprise Financial Crimes Program
Client: Major Financial Services Company
Description: SynergisticIT provided an AML data analytics expertise for the ongoing enhancement and expansion of a large, diversified financial services company’s Actimize implementation to include asset management and insurance products.

Technology: Nice Actimize, Actimize Institutional Surveillance (AIS), Actimize Risk Case Manager (RCM)

Asset Management

Project: BPO Investment Performance Data Management Project
Client: Major Investment Asset Management Company
Description: SynergisticIT provided senior level project management and business analysis specialists to support a large asset management company’s multiyear, multimillion-dollar data warehouse initiative. Our experts played a key role in the creation of a comprehensive RFP and selection of an outsourcing vendor who will provide a technology solution and business services in the areas of performance, performance attribution, AUM data management processes, and associated reporting activities for our client’s entire investment portfolio ($130 billion).

Technology: Eagle Pace, AWD (Automated Workflow Distributor), Market Data (Index, Referential, Pricing)


Project: Investor Services Customer Services Application Development and Support
Client: Major Online Brokerage
Description: SynergisticIT provided project management, business analysis, and development resources for the development and support of an online broker’s customer service application. The application provided customer services representatives with the following brokerage call center functionality:

SynergisticIT developed the customer service application to integrate multiple mainframe legacy systems and a set of Unix back-end systems into one seamless customer service platform for the client’s online trading support center.

The application supported one of the first retail investment trading products available over the internet. Over a 10-year period, SynergisticIT provided ongoing business analysis, testing, and development support for the customer service application.

Technology: Windows, Client Server, Mainframe, Unix

Compliance / Risk

Project: Compliance / Risk Data Warehouse
Client: Major Investment Bank
Description: SynergisticIT data analysts developed a process for a major investment bank to migrate trade and risk position data to a DB2 data warehouse platform, providing greater accuracy, transparency, and anti-money laundering (AMI) compliance and risk reporting capability. Extensive business and data quality assessment was provided via data profiling of institutional trades and position risk data.

Technology: Infomatica ETL, Mainframe DB2

Data Governance

Project: Data Readiness
Client: Large Municipal Pension System
Description: SynergisticIT was contracted to provide a data governance expert to develop and implement a data governance strategy for a large municipal pension organization. The project was part of a data readiness effort in support of an IT modernization program to replace the organization’s legacy pension administration system. Reporting to the Data Governance Council and Committee members, the data governance expert is responsible for the development and management of enterprise-wide policies, processes, and standards for all data coming into and going out of the organization.

Technology: Legacy Systems, Market Data Feeds, Trillium


Project: Enterprise Financial Crimes Support 
Client: Major Financial Services Company
Description: SynergisticIT provides ongoing data analytics services to the Enterprise Financial Crimes group of a major financial services company.  Subject Matter Expertise is provided to support the Fraud area across the enterprise including banking, asset management, pensions and Life Insurance. Responsible for data quality and governance for all Enterprise Financial Crime Prevention Data.

Technology: Hbase, Hadoop, Hive, Splunk, SQL

Information Security

Project: Information Security Remediation Project
Client: Major Investment Asset Management Company
Description: SynergisticIT information security experts developed information security policies and procedures, an incident response plan, and managed an information security remediation project instituted to address internal audit findings for our client. As part of the project, SynergisticIT resources performed a risk assessment of all business applications and server and network hardware in accordance with Office of Comptroller of Currency (OCC) FFIEC standards. Our risk assessment became the standard for future IT risk assessments. The information security remediation activities and deliverables were specifically designed to meet or exceed corporate, subsidiary, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and OCC standards.
Technology: Windows Servers, HP Unix Servers, Cisco Network Devices (Routers, Firewalls, Hubs), Lotus Notes, SAP, 100 Business Applications


Project: SAP Migration Project
Client: Major Investment Asset Management Company
Description: SynergisticIT project management resources managed the migration of an SAP GL system from our client’s site to a remote hosting vendor site. The system platform was migrated from a Microsoft Windows server environment to an HP Superdome Unix environment. The project encompassed development of a new support model including: 1) IBM for hosting and basis support and 2) Accenture for functional support. SynergisticIT personnel managed the project using a CMM Level 3 project methodology. Responsibilities included the coordination and management of third-party vendors (i.e., Accenture, IBM, and HP) and other corporate business units, as well as the client’s Business Team.
Technology: SAP, Windows Server, HP Unix


Project: Inforce Life Insurance Conversion Project
Client: Major Financial Services Company
Description: SynergisticIT provides on-going project management, business analysis, quality assurance and actuarial expertise for a multiphase business process outsourcing (BPO) project to outsource the life insurance administration business functions and system to an external vendor.
Technology: I-Series/AS400, ID3 – Administration System, McCamish

Pension System

Project: Unified Pension System (UPS) Enhancements
Client: Large Municipal Pension System
Description: SynergisticIT provides ongoing business analysis, testing and application development services to support the maintenance and enhancement of a large municipal pension system. The organization has 120,000 members and $40 billion in assets. The Unified Pension System (UPS) contains all the core system functionality, including new retirement processing, accounting, investment administration, and death benefits administration.

SynergisticIT personnel work with the client’s IT and business units and with external city agencies, including the Office of the Actuary, Office of the Comptroller, and the Office of Payroll Administration, to develop solutions for pension system initiatives. Recent projects include:

  1. Variable Choice – new investment choices for existing members.
  2. Pension Payroll Management System Enhancement – building a new interface in support of transition to citywide payroll management for existing retiree and beneficiary payments.
  3. Evaluation and development of a business case for building and launching a new feature-rich website using cutting-edge technology (SOA) to provide self-service capabilities to pension members.

Technology: IBM AS/400, SYNON, COBOL, Java, IBM Websphere, SOA